Beauty even more than any other thing inspires and is inspired by love

(Augusto Grillo)

We’re proud for having built a place where design, creativity and research blend at modern companies service. In 1993 the work started for Matsushita Investments & Development’s will, in via Guastalla, 2 - Milano. Now the head quarter is in via Cenisio, 36 - Milano.

From 1993 DMC VillaTosca is giving a great deal of design services for big and small companies being the contact place between industry’s world and design’s world. The original research and design methodology, called Competition Workshop, was set out since the first Years of DMC VillaTosca’s activity. Through this methodology many examples of products and innovative design have been originated

From some DMC VillaTosca’s successful initiatives, some companies and activities were born. They have different lines of business but they share a strong sensibility for aesthetic and innovation., the Creativity Portal, for long time meeting point of designer and companies now centre of advanced researches and services for creativity and design 

-Ludea, which creates and produces educational toys. Acknowledged by UNESCO

-Lumen Center Italia, historical lighting manufacturing company that produces and distributes also the new creations of VillaTosca Design

-Traveling Seminar, a new service to stimulate and inspire creativity for designer and managers by unusual travel on board of “Ea”

Companies and group activities